Think To Ink

Providence, RI


Challenge: To develop a series of promotional cards 

and products created by the  Think To Ink brand to 

either introduce us to you, or remind you about us – 

to keep us on the front burner of your mind so that 

when you begin to think about your next piece of 

graphic communication needs you include us in your 


Solution: Using previously-established red-and-blue 

branding, with familiar pairs of items that work well 

together. Coming soon… peanut butter and jelly, 

chocolates and strawberries, salt and pepper – fun!


Challenge: Just a piece of art/whimsy I put together 

one day with the hopes that someone at the Major 

League Baseball Association will pick it up and want to 

sell them at every major league baseball Gift Shop.

Solution: Well, after all – it is The American Game! 

As for the Gift Shops…not yet!


Challenge: No pets, vacations, or grandchildren to 

promote on this year’s holiday card – so thinking 

about what I do have to be grateful for…

Solution: Recognizing the very special place my 

friends and family hold in my heart, I drew upon the 

heart icon. The people to receive the card saw their 

name placed within it, with familiar holiday refrain on 

front and back. 

Holiday card front

Holiday card back

Ballet Academy East

Providence, RI

Challenge: Design a tri-fold, self-mailing brochure to 

promote a summer program for young dance 


Solution: With one picture being worth a thousand 


Tri-fold Brochure—Outside

Tri-fold Brochure—Inside

The Providence Guide: 91 Best Restaurants

Providence, RI

Challenge: To design a user-friendly book where 

the wealth of information is easily accessible in a 

multitude of ways: by restaurant name, by a 

numerical index, or by geographical location. 

Solution: The Guide was designed to a familiar 

pocket size with a high-visibility cover and a catchy 

title (91 rather than 90!). A distinct bold typeface was 

specified to establish restaurant names and numbers 

consistently throughout the book, and maps were 

created using only the information necessary to find 

each specific restaurant.



Inside spread

Nantucket Beach Picnics

Rhode Island

Challenge: This book was self-published, and the 

authors expressed a desire for it to be designed in a 

cost-conscious way. 

Solution: Rather than incur the expense of full-color 

food photography, four generations of the authors’ 

family photos were used, printed in one color, to 

reflect the charm of Nantucket – yummy!




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