International Institute

Providence, RI

Challenge: The International Institute was planning 

a tribute to their Executive Director, Bill Shuey, and 

the historical role he has played in leading the 

organization for more than 25 years. 

Solution: In looking at some of the photos the 

Director of Development sent along I came across 

a photo of Bill in 1984 – sideburns and clothes 

triggering many thoughts of the noteworthy events 

that have taken place between then and now. Using 

my dear friend Google, I was able to identify many 

significant events and decided to use them to lay out 

the long path between 1984 and now – trying to 

demonstrate Bill’s great accomplishment of manning 

the helm at International Institute through it all. 


The Providence Athenaeum

Providence, RI

Challenge:  To create a “give-away” brochure that 

would help increase membership and create 

renewed interest in this 200-plus-year-old, historic-

membership library. The Athenæum is known for its 

collection of rare and current books, exciting 

programs, and membership benefits, and is a viable, 

current, family-oriented “haven”.

Solution:  The package contained six stand-alone 

cards, each one with a “juicy” photo on the front and 

information on the back. With this format the 

Tri-fold Brochure Cover

Athenæum is able to update any one card without 

having to reprint the entire package when any 

information changes.

Insert front and back

Challenge: An ongoing challenge this membership 

organization faces is to educate the Providence 

community-at-large about the variety of programs 

offered of which many are free and open to the public.

Solution: I decided to create a collage of faces – 

users so to speak – to show the diversity of age, sex, 

and ethnicity. Oh, and by the way, that’s me over 

there in the lower left-hand corner.

Annual Report Cover

Challenge: To create a provocative image to attract 

attendance to this upcoming Salon, one in a series of 

many that had been dedicated to Proust over the past 

few years. 

Solution: The membership had become quite familiar 

with Proust’s image. By taking a partial segment of 

what has become a familiar image and placing it as if 

he were stealthily observing, surrounding it with a 

lace sampling from the late 19th century, and then 

pairing it with the incongruity of hot pink for the type 

– a curious combination developed that spoke to the 

nature and topic of this particular Salon. 


Challenge:  To create a large poster for placement at 

the Circulation Desk to remind library members of an 

ongoing Annual Appeal.

Solution: The Director of Development gathered 

books from the library’s collection with titles 

suggestive of generosity, giving, and best intentions. 

I photographed the stack, silhouetted it, and placed it 

on a background of “Athenaeum green”. Once 

theposter was printed and positioned, the DOD was 

able to easily update the progress of this fundraising 



Challenge: To create a memorable image for a save-

the-date postcard for the upcoming Micro-Memoir 


Solution:  Taking a prompt from the title and using a 

mini-pencil was an engaging way to indicate that the 

evening would lead attendees to create short, to-the-

point memoirs.


Challenge:  Yet another save-the-date postcard to 

catch the recipients’ attention as the card falls 

through the mail slot. 

Solution: A search through my encyclopedia of 

mental images gathered over the years turned up an 

image that is familiar to library-ites and so I used it in 

a slightly unfamiliar way to create a smile, an “aha” 

moment, and to convey our message.


Southside Community Landtrust

Providence, RI

Challenge: SCLT has participated in the creation 

of over 50 community and neighborhood gardens 

throughout the City of Providence. The organization 

needed to update a previous version of their map that 

had become quite confusing and an unflattering 

representation of SCLT’s significant accomplishments. 

The new map showcases both the number of gardens 

and the variety of partnerships involved in their 


Solution: Organization of the information was the 

first and key step before deciding on a visual 

presentation. And then, conveniently the gardens 

broke up into 3 groups and the SCLT logo has 4 

colors. Voila!


Youth In Action

Providence, RI

Challenge: To create a compelling invitation to a golf 


Solution: Seemed logical to impose YIA’s logo right 

onto the golf ball, with lots of blue skies to indicate

a good time ahead.


Challenge:  To create a CASE FOR SUPPORT for 

potential corporate and private funders, combining the 

vigor and energy of this youth-led organization in a 

format that at the same time conveyed its credible 

and responsible mission. 

Solution: Using this photo on the cover shows the 

many faces of leadership, and again inside, balancing 

the text with photos to demonstrate some of the 

activities in which YIA members are engaged.



Challenge : To create a direct mail specifically 

targeting those who gave last year but not this year.

Solution:  Using fundraiser jargon (LYBUNT: Last Year 

But Unfortunately Not This) politely reminds donors 

that they had supported the organization in prior 

years and gently nudges them to remember 

Youth In Action this year.


Challenge: Create an invitation to an annual 

fundraising event called Bloom .

Solution: Just trying to play off the name of the 

event with a striking image that symbolizes growth, 

beauty, and maturity. 

Tri-fold Invitation Front

Tri-fold Invitation Back

Button Hole Golf Course

Providence, RI

Challenge: Create a “take away” brochure for Button 

Hole’s front desk, numerous hotels’ lobbies and the 

Providence Chamber of Commerce, to alert people 

about the existence of this short-course program 

where inner-city kids learn golf and the lessons of 

sportsmanship inherent in the game. Local golf 

enthusiasts, grants, and the local business 

community support Button Hole operations and 


Solution: Not being a golfer myself, nonetheless I am 

repeatedly impressed each time I visit this pristine 

course sequestered in the middle of a multi-cultural, 

urban environment. The buckets of balls – some used 

and some just there waiting to become part of 

someone’s story, and the irons – also gathered and 

waiting – both hint of sunny days and great 

Brochure Outside


Golfers hearing “short course” might be likely to 

dismiss this venue so I included the map to display 

the breadth and scope of this very beautiful and 

functional destination.

Brochure Inside

Urban Collaborative Accelerated Program

Providence, RI

Challenge: The school had recently acquired a 

familiar Providence icon, the Engle Tire Building. 

The building was to be razed so that a much-needed 

addition to UCAP could be constructed on the site. 

There was to be a fund-raising event to attract donors 

to this very worthwhile cause.

Solution: The fact that Engle was to be razed was 

newsworthy and so, to show this event was 

happening, I used Photoshop and added the 

demolition ball and the billboard, to create an 

invitation to the kick-off party. 

By the way, the letters that had marked the front of 

the building for decades, brought a handsome price at 

the auction event!


Dorcas Place

Providence, RI

Challenge: Dorcas Place Adult and Family Learning 

Center provides low-income Rhode Islanders 

educational opportunities to realize their full potential 

through literacy, workplace training, college 

preparatory programs, and employment. Each year 

Dorcas Place presents a “state-of-the-organization” 

report in a style that demonstrates their commitment 

to its mission, and helps both constituents and 

funders learn how that mission has been met.

Solution:  Among the many effective programs at 

Dorcas Place is The Clothing Collaborative. When 

walking through the building one day, I wandered into 

the room that holds donated clothing. There hanging 

above the clothing racks all around the room was this 

wonderful collection of recently donated hats. 

Hmmmm… wouldn’t they make an exciting design 

tool to use throughout the Annual Report – 

symbolizing the diversity and richness of the 

constituents who benefit from this meaningful 


Annual Report Cover

Everett Dance Theatre

Providence, RI

Challenge: Design an invitation to the opening-night 

performance of the revival of  The Science Project,

which had not been performed in the past ten years.

Solution: No current photography existed, but in 

researching photos from the previous production, 

I was repeatedly drawn back to the one where three 

people were standing on one side of the board 

balanced by one on the other – how did they do that? 

It certainly was intriguing, so I drew a silhouette of 

the image from the photo – and voila!


Challenge: Design an invitation to the 20th 

anniversary celebration.

Solution: Dream up a hot copy line for a cool 

fundraiser, done up in contrasting vibrant colors to 

hint at the notion of the fun that the evening